In grades K-4, Victory Christian Academy primarily uses the A Beka curriculum. It is VCA’s belief that A Beka’s time-tested phonics approach to reading is the best. Our Kindergarten students routinely score in the top 20% in the Language Arts on standardized tests.

In grades 5-8, Victory students use a blended curriculum (Bob Jones, A Beka, Oxford, Focus, etc.).

In grades K-4, Students attend the following classes once a week: Art, Music, Spanish, PE, and Library.

Students in grades 5-8 attend the following classes for one semester each: Latin and PE.

Students have Bible class every day. Starting in Pre-K, students memorize a Bible passage every week.  In the lower school, Bob Jones University Press texts are used; in the upper school ,Memoria Press texts, Bibles, and concordances are used.
Students Attend Chapel Every Thursday.