How To Enroll
Complete an enrollment packet available in the school office. Return the completed forms to the office with the registration fee. This fee is due at the time of enrollment. The curriculum fee is due by May 31. Discounts are available if fees are paid by these dates. As a requirement of the State of Louisiana, a copy of your child’s birth certificate and immunization/ health record must be on file before your child can enter any programs. All immunizations must be current.


Entrance Age

Preschool- Children must be three or four years old by September 30 of the enrolled year.
Kindergarten- Children must be five years old by September 30 of the enrolled year.
1st Grade- Children must be six years old by September 30 of the enrolled year.
Children who miss the enrollment deadline by one week or less, and who show unusual maturity and academic readiness, may be tested by the school at the request of the parents to see if they qualify for early enrollment on a trial basis, providing there is room in the class. Normally, children are much better off following the guidelines stated above.


Each year it is necessary for parents to re-enroll their children for the coming year. Letters and necessary forms will be sent to parents during the re-enrollment period. Ordinarily a personal interview will not be required, but either the parent or the school administrators may request one.

Preschool Enrollment

Call the office at 733-5087 to schedule an interview with the school personnel. This interview is mandatory before admission of a child and for all families new to our school and its policies.