How to Apply

Pick up an application at the school office or click here. Fill out the application completely and return to VCA with the following:

1) copy of birth certificate

2) copy of most recent immunization record

3) most recent standardized test scores (SAT, Terra Nova, Leap) if applicable

4) last two years of report cards including conduct grades

5) $25 non-refundable application fee


Once VCA has received your application the principal will review it and call to set up an interview with both parents and the child.

Admission Testing

All incoming K through 8th students will be tested at the time of the interview for reading, math, and writing skills unless the principal feels this step can be waived as evidenced by both standardized test scores and report card grades.


The principal will notify the applicant of the acceptance decision within three days of the interview.


Upon acceptance, the parent will pay the registration fee of $225 (the application fee goes toward the registration fee, so a balance of $200 will remain to be paid) to place the child on the class roster. At this time the finance manager will explain tuition financing options with the parent.

Methods of Tuition Payment

1) Tuition may be paid in full by May 1st to receive a 10% discount. 2) Tuition may also be paid in full anytime before the first day of school, however no discount will be given. 3) Tuition may be financed through First Bank and Trust. Ten-month payment plans are available; shorter plans are also available depending on when the parent signs up for the loan. Interest is charged on the loan. 4) Parents may use a combination of methods above. For instance, a parent may pay a portion of the total at the time of registration and finance the remaining amount. 5) Tuition arrangements must be made prior to the start of school in order for the child to attend.
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